Ch HyFly'N CC Jolta Java, JH, RN
OFA Excellent/Optigen A/CERF/DM Clear

Ch Marnett's Playing Hookie JH X
Mojave Curley Sue

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Ch HyFly'N Virtual Reality
OFA/CERF/Optigen A

Ch Quailridge-runs Jack Splash X
Ch Quailridge Reality Bites WD

Rocky finished his championship with 3 ACC supported entry W/D wins

Ch HyFly'N Bodacious Barnstormer

Ch Rippling Waters Flash Gordon MH X
Ch HyFly'N I Gotta Say It Again

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Ch HyFly'N Best Shot, JH,
OFA Excellent, CERF, Optigen A

Ch Rippling Waters Flash Gordon MH X
Ch HyFly"N I Gotta Say It Again

HyFly'N Pawstraction
Optigen A

Ch HyFly'N Virtual Reality X
Mojave Curly Sue

HyFly'N Wingman, JH

CH. Chestnut Hills Blizzard x
CH. HyFly'N ImPawsible Dream NAP

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HyFly'N Curly What A Hoot